New update & 5’000 downloads

Hey everyone,

as you might or might not have noticed yet, RoboWorks 1.2.0 is out! I know it has been quite a while since the last update, but I had quite a lot to do with exams and I also have intensified the work on my next game ;)

The most significant feature in the new version are flashes which are now shown at broken robots. They should help to better separate broken robots from inactive ones. I further fixed some bugs regarding crashes when re-enabling the music as well as memory leaks causing lags. Finally I integrated Flurry analytics to find possible points to further improve the game. :)

I’m also glad to announce that RoboWorks has reached 5’000 in downloads aggregated over all distribution platforms. Most downloads originate from Google Play, followed by SlideMe, GetJar and Amazon. Thank you all for downloading, playing and spreading the word! :)

Since I have missed posting the Changelog for 1.1.9, here are the changelogs for the latest versions:

Changelog RoboWorks 1.1.9
- Fixed bug where Scoreloop terms were automatically re-shown after rejection.
- Updated Scoreloop.
- Integrated Chartboost.

Changelog RoboWorks 1.2.0
- Broken robots are now identifiable by light flashes.
- Fixed several memory leaks.
- Fixed crash when re-enabling music.
- Integrated Flurry analytics.

Update 1.1.8 & some stats

Hello everyone,

RoboWorks 1.1.8 is now available via GooglePlay improving the tutorial and making it easier for new players to understand the game. Since I have overslept posting the changes for 1.1.7, here a short summary:

Changelog RoboWorks 1.1.7 & 1.1.8:
- Improved resource loading.
- Fixed image bugs.
- Fixed bug in tutorial.
- Added arrows in tutorial.

Further I’m happy to announce that RoboWorks has reached 500+ downloads at GooglePlay. Distributed over all platforms it has been downloaded over 2000 times by now!

Thanks to everyone for downloading, playing and spreading the word!

RoboWorks hits 1k downloads

Hey everyone,

RoboWorks has been downloaded over 1000 times in total distributed over all download platforms. Most downloads come from SlideMe, followed by Google Play, GetJar and Amazon.

Thank you all for downloading and playing the game! There will be an update soon improving resource loading and image quality.


RoboWorks 1.1.6 is out!

Hey everyone,

RoboWorks 1.1.6 is now available at Google Play. Thank you guys for sending error reports, this update should fix the main issues!

You can download the new version here!

- Fixed possible crash when returning to game.
- Fixed possible crash when music was enabled.
- Improved Android 4.X compatibility.

Developer Interview on

Hey guys,

today published their interview with me, I guess I’ll get famous now ;)

You can find the interview here.

Regarding RoboWorks there will be an update soon, but since I do have a tight schedule right now I can’t promise anything. So stay tuned!


RoboWorks Review on

Hey everyone,

RoboWorks got reviewed by the guys of! They did a great job and made many suggestions on how to improve the game which I will gladly take into account for further updates.

They also added a great review video to the article which is absolutely worth watching!

Read the full review and watch the video here!


RoboWorks 1.1.3 and more

Hey everyone,

as promised I continued working on RoboWorks. Update 1.1.3 is out introducing 3 difficulty levels being Easy, Medium and Hard. Medium is exactly the same difficulty as in previous versions, so your online scores will remain :) Easy is designed for beginners who want to get familiar with the gameplay and Hard is…well…see for yourselves ;) I have not been able to reach the golden robots yet, but I think it might be possible, probably… :D

Furthermore I changed the texture filters for upscaling. So the game should look a lot smoother on high resolution devices now. However some images as well as the fonts show some ugly borders. This will be fixed as soon as I have a proper solution, promise!

The last thing is that RoboWorks is now on Facebook! If you like it, well then…like it!


New Project

Yesterday I started working on my new Project. Since libGDX is awesome it will be used for this project again. During the last two days I was able to implement the most important game mechanics.

Here a small screenshot:

And don’t worry, RoboWorks will still be frequently updated!