RoboWorks 1.1.1 out!

RoboWorks 1.1.1 is now available via Google Play!

This update fixes some major bugs causing game freezes and graphic errors after starting the game or returning from the lockscreen or incomming calls. Moreover textures are now managed more dynamically improving the memory usage of the game.

- Fixed bugs causing game freezes and graphic errors on startup and return.
- Improved memory management.

RoboWorks 1.1.0

Finally RoboWorks 1.1.0 is out!

I took some time and ported RoboWorks to libGDX. This results in a huge performance boost and less battery drain. Two other big changes are the new interactive tutorial and of course the the Scoreloop integration for online leaderbords!

RoboWorks 1.1.0 is available on Google Play via the badge on the right ;)

Worth mentioning is also that I did a re-release on Google Play since there will be only one free version of RoboWorks for now!

RoboWorks 1.0.2

Update 1.0.2 is out.

- Moved life bar to the upper left corner.
- Moved item buttons up for better reachability.
- Small other fixes regarding UI.

Right now I’m thinking about implementing online leaderbords, so stay tuned for further updates :)

RoboWorks 1.0.1

Yesterday I finished and uploaded the first update for RoboWorks and RoboWorks FREE.

- fixed possible crash at game over when music was enabled
- added some delay before showing buttons at game over
- switched positions of pause button and status bar
- moved item buttons down
- background in pause screen is now darker
- fixed some details in robot graphics
- default settings now depend on android version

Market Pages & Update

Today I updated the android market pages for RoboWorks and RoboWorks FREE. I created some banners and added some text. Within the next week I’m hopefully able to get a suitable camera to make a little gameplay video.

Furthermore I found some bugs and got some ideas for improvements, so there’ll be a first update for RoboWorks soon.

RoboWorks and RoboWorks FREE released!

Today I finally uploaded RoboWorks and RoboWorks FREE to the android market. For further information I recommend visiting the android market pages:

RoboWorks FREE

Both versions offer the same content regarding the game itself.

RoboWorks is the paid version that comes along totally ad-free. It’s only $0.99. If you like the game and want to support its development please consider buying this version.

RoboWorks FREE is the free version of the game that contains ads. Therefore it requires access to your phones internet connection.

So, that’s it for the moment. I hope you enjoy the game!

If you face any issues while playing, feel free to write an email!