RoboWorks 1.1.3 and more

Hey everyone,

as promised I continued working on RoboWorks. Update 1.1.3 is out introducing 3 difficulty levels being Easy, Medium and Hard. Medium is exactly the same difficulty as in previous versions, so your online scores will remain :) Easy is designed for beginners who want to get familiar with the gameplay and Hard is…well…see for yourselves ;) I have not been able to reach the golden robots yet, but I think it might be possible, probably… :D

Furthermore I changed the texture filters for upscaling. So the game should look a lot smoother on high resolution devices now. However some images as well as the fonts show some ugly borders. This will be fixed as soon as I have a proper solution, promise!

The last thing is that RoboWorks is now on Facebook! If you like it, well then…like it!